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Aug. 27th, 2015

#Rentboy Raided by Homeland Security while Pedophiles at the Pentagon Roam Free

First off, let me state I have friends who are 'sex workers'. This line of work includes pornography, as well as prostitution, but sometimes clients just want to cuddle and talk. Some guys go-go dance on the side, others are performers, artists or students and require a form of secondary income to make ends meet. This isn't something folks generally aspire to, but a lot of young gay men who don't have other options end up in this line of work in order to support themselves. On Tuesday 25th of August, 'Rentboy', a website that primarily offers sex workers a safe medium to find clients, had its offices raided by the Department of Homeland Security, as well as the NYPD.

I spoke with another friend of mine, a business owner who's very active in the NYC gay community, who wondered:

How does a high-profile company which has been reported on by the mainstream press and lampooned by countless late night show hosts, become a target for Homeland Security 18 years after its founding? Isn't there a "statute of limitations" law that a defendant can point to, stating that if the government hasn't taken action after a certain amount of time on what they perceive to be illegal activity, then that activity is essentially being condoned by the government?

Ostensibly, this raid was due to the fact that Rentboy was promoting prostitution. In reality, it's far more likely that in the wake of the Ashley Madison hack, folks with pull at Homeland Security wanted the site taken down. The Ashley Madison hack led to exposure of state and federal judges and prosecutors, federal employees, military personnel, college professors, journalists, Hollywood celebrities, lawyers, teachers and even members of the British Parliament. It's very likely that many individuals in those same groups have used Rentboy, and it's also very likely that they could influence the appropriate law enforcement agencies to do their bidding. We can't have headlines like this:

Last month David Geithner, CFO of Conde Nast Publications and brother of former US treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, allegedly attempted to hire a male escort during a business trip to Chicago. David is married, to a woman, and has three kids. Once the escort found out who his client was, he asked David for help with a housing situation in Texas. David refused and called off the affair. That resulted in the escort going to Gawker with the story which created a firestorm on the internet. Most commenters came down hard on Gawker, and eventually the story was redacted. However, the damage was done, and I'm sure many in DC realized that this could happen to them.

Let's face it, the US government isn't in the business of protecting people (unless they're ultra-rich, well-connected, criminal cops or mercenaries hired to do their bidding). In fact, its behavior at home (police slaughtering unarmed folk and imprisoning others for minor crimes) and abroad (funding ISIS and Israel - the two most bellicose entities on the planet) suggests quite the opposite. That's completely neglecting to mention CIA involvement in Ukraine, which ousted a democratically-elected government and installed puppets with proud Nazi leanings, but I digress.

Remember that huge scandal at the Pentagon with all the kiddie-porn? No? Oh, that's because someone made it quietly disappear. It's funny how roughly 5,200 Pentagon employees viewing and purchasing child pornography were never prosecuted, arrested or exposed in any way, but when consensual acts between adults occur, it 'might be illegal if money is exchanged'. That's some bullshit right there.

Speaking of high-level child sex rings, a little-known episode called the Franklin Scandal involved many local and national politicians, as well as Hollywood moguls and their buddies, purchasing child sex slaves. The investigation was shut down left, right and center as the alphabet agencies worked overtime to cover up the crimes. Witnesses dropped dead or disappeared, and an investigator was killed in a plane 'accident'. The Franklin Scandal isn't even a unique case: consider the 'Finders' case in Tallahassee just a couple years earlier in 1987; the 'Dutroux Affair' in Belgium in 1994; and the DynCorp scandal in the late '90s... Don't take my word for it, Google is a wonderful tool for the curious mind.

There are some very rich, very powerful, and very well-connected people who have been routinely sexually abusing children. The policing and judicial authorities don't just know about it, they're accessories to the crimes, which is why you won't ever see the Department of Homeland Security raiding their homes and offices.

These facts make the raid on Rentboy all the more laughable, almost as funny as Madonna refusing to play in Russia because "...I don't want to perform in places where being homosexual is tantamount to a crime." Never mind she plays in the United Arab Emirates, a country where homosexuality IS a crime and can be punishable by death. Sorry, I'm digressing again.

Back to Rentboy, this latest raid is an assault on many young gay men who have done nothing wrong. It also removed a safe place for sex workers to operate, a place where they can set their own limits and boundaries, something they can't necessarily do with pimps or on the streets. In an ideal world, we'd be talking about the complete decriminalization of sex work.

The World Health Organization (WHO) calls for the complete decriminalization of sex work because of the unique and unnecessary dangers criminalization places upon workers. WHO places the violence sex workers face in three categories: physical, sexual and psychological/emotional.

Oftentimes, these forms of violence occur in interrelated ways. For example, a physical sexual assault can lead to both HIV transmission and long-term psychological trauma. And we've known since at least the 1990s that sex workers are disproportionately targeted for these types of violent attacks, especially economically disadvantaged people of color.

But we don't live in an ideal world. We live in a world where the authorities will do whatever they think best for their own interests; in this case, targeting a service provider because they feared public exposure. These young men need our help and compassion, not moral outrage and condemnation. They are disenfranchised and struggling to feed and house themselves. Many are HIV+ and have tragic stories to tell. They are doing all they can to survive and maybe prosper, and many of them use sex work as a way to achieve their dreams of higher education or saving up enough money to start their own business. It's not something I'd choose for myself; I could never purchase those kinds of services nor perform them, but I'm not going to take the moral high ground and presume to tell people what they can and cannot do with their bodies or their money when the exchange is consensual.

Rentboy was also active in supporting its membership; it offered a scholarship for students in the industry, and any suspicious, violent or otherwise disturbing behavior was reportable on the website, potentially banning the offender. Third-party sites let the johns leave reviews, and those could be linked to from Rentboy.

Rentboy.com really believed in the escorting industry and provided a time-established, socially-accepted safe space and resources for escorts to connect with prospective clients. Smaller similar online platforms exist to keep business going, but none with the same resources as they had to look out for male escorts going into potentially high-risk situations.
- Aleks Buldocek, escort, porn star and all-round great guy

Legalizing sex work can bring a lot of benefits to both the community and individual workers: increased revenue from taxation, health benefits, and - most importantly - it increases safety. Having everything above the table allows individuals to operate openly, which adds a layer of protection. In cases where violence is committed, the individual doesn't have to worry about prosecution for prostitution, and anyone considering violence or worse against a sex worker or a john will know that they can be held accountable. For a country proclaiming to be 'the greatest nation', US laws are terribly backward, and our politicians corrupt. Hypocrisy, along with backdoor control of our law enforcement agencies, rules the day.

This crackdown on gay prostitution has nothing to do with 'upholding the law' or any moral considerations. Rich people will continue paying for male escorts, only now they'll do so safe in the knowledge that the Geithners of this world are less likely to be caught with their pants down. The legal system is being used to attack everyday people trying to get by, while it protects the rich, powerful and sadistic. These 'law enforcement agencies' are nothing more than armed gangs of criminals hiding the dirty deeds of psychopaths-in-power by attacking the vulnerable parties, who simply do not have the resources that they do.

When you can pick up the phone and arrange a Homeland Security raid on a business - that's power. When you can order a child prostitute, do anything you want with them, including rape and murder, and then dispose of them like a used condom - that's the 'freedom' our leaders are always referring to: their freedom to commit heinous acts and get away with them. It's the sadistic freedom of psychopaths using the state apparatus to do whatever they want to whomever they want. Not only do they get away with it, they use tax dollars and the government to make sure people are kept in the dark... about what they get up after dark.

May. 3rd, 2014

Hal’s Journey: Comets, Zombies and Mutant Powers

Walking down 2nd avenue, she couldn't help but notice all the children. Parents were walking their kids to school, to daycare, some were being pushed in a stroller. She pitied them. "Protect them from themselves, Protect them from each other, and Protect them from the wrath of God", she whispered to herself. She wasn’t religious, but held a faith of her own, believing the universe itself was alive and that everyone was a part of it; that everyone deserved to be safe and happy. She wished as much on most people she met.

The heat was sizzling off the sidewalk, the asphalt-paved streets, even the buildings were radiating warmth. A drop of sweat trickled down her temple, dark patches forming under her arms, across her back and between her breasts as she wiped her brow with the back of her hand. "A dragon sleeps beneath the city," someone once told her, and the memory came back suddenly.

Just then she noticed people ahead of her stopped, staring upwards, shielding their eyes and pointing toward the sky. She felt static surge across the tiny hairs on her forearms and heard a strange buzz rising in her ears like a thousand wasps unleashed. She turned around and looked up and saw a red fireball streak across the sky, leaving a billow of dark smoke in its wake. It crossed the narrow gap between buildings, and disappeared. That was when she heard the explosion...

The air shook with the force of the shock wave. Everyone fell to the ground as screams rent the air. Glass windows blew out and shards flew everywhere, cutting indiscriminately as they rained down after the blast wave had passed. Thankfully, she was standing against an apartment building, waiting for the m15 to arrive and had avoided most of the debris. As she regained her footing she noticed others who weren't so lucky: people on both sides of the street were shouting, moaning, and crying incoherently. There was blood everywhere, some of the people weren't moving.

She looked around, dazed and confused, her vision was slightly out of focus and it took her a moment to understand what she was seeing. They're dead, she thought to herself, as she noticed elderly bodies unresponsive to shakes and gentle taps from other survivors. The children she had wished protection to moments ago were still on the sidewalks, blood seeping from their ears, eyes and mouth. Time slowed to nearly a standstill, cars and trucks were frozen in place all down 2nd avenue, with people staggering out of their vehicles.

She felt a wet tingle from her left ear, reached up and looked at her hand, her fingers were tinged with blood. She took a quick assessment of herself, her head was fuzzy and she felt a little nauseous, whether from the impact or the scene surrounding her she could not say. She had some minor scrapes on her knees where she had fallen, her right shoulder and upper arm were a bit bruised, but there were no major cuts, nothing was broken, and she could stand and walk. She opened her backpack and took out an extra tee shirt, dabbing away the blood on her ears.. In front of her a young boy was crouched next to a young man, pleading.

“Dad, get up...” between sobs. She went to him instinctively, and saw his father was gashed across face and neck with glass, lying in a pool of dark red blood.

“Hey there, are you okay?” she asked, seeing that the boy appeared mostly unharmed.

“Ya...” he wiped some tears away with the back of his hand, “But my dad won’t get up. He’s bleeding.”

“Let me take a look, I’m a doctor.” She did have her PhD in Molecular biology, but her knowledge of medicine was limited to basic first aid. “I want you to go stand next to the building in that doorway. It’s safer there. What’s your name?”

“Collen.” he replied, as he warily stepped backwards to the archway of the apartment building she had just been standing against. She took another look at the boys father, rolling him on his back, careful to keep herself between his body and the boy. Leaning over she checked to see if he was breathing and wasn’t surprised when she found no breath, nor pulse. She searched his pockets and found his keys and wallet. As she put them into her pockets, she took her extra shirt and put it over the man’s head and face.
“I’m sorry...” she paused, stopping before Collen, not knowing what to say. His eyes welled with tears but he seemed to understand without the words.. “There’s nothing we can do for him now and I need to get you somewhere safe. Is your mom here in the city? Where do you live?”

“No, she lives in Phoenix, it’s just me and dad. Our place is just around the corner, 315 56th street between 1st and 2nd, apartment 12J.” he said, pointing south.

“My name is Hally, but everyone calls me Hal. Let’s go to your place and get you cleaned up and call your mom, okay?”

“Okay.” Collen took her hand and then started walking south toward his apartment. Hal had no idea what she was doing, but she felt she needed to get him off the streets. They had made it a block when the remaining survivors screamed and started running. Hal didn’t have time to react before a bright flash engulfed her vision, no sound accompanied the blast and after the flash faded she scooped Collen up and pressed him against the nearest building, shielding him with her body. No impact came, no explosion, but she felt the heat and electricity of the flash tingling across her skin. She reacted instantly, when there was no shockwave, no immediate threat, she kept the boy hoisted against her and started to run toward his apartment. That’s when she noticed the bodies of the fallen starting to stir.

She took no time to stop, but saw bloodied bodies twist and retch violently. Some of them spewed vomit and shook as if they were racked by a seizure. An elderly man with blood oozing from his eyes was on his hands and knees before her, coughing up an indistinguishable mixture of blood and half digested food. He raised his face, and she saw his eyes were glazed over, bloodshot, dark and empty. He tackled two women helping each other down the street who had just been passing him, clawing and biting at one while the other screamed and kicked trying to get him off her companion. Running past, Hal kicked him hard on the side, sending him sprawling a few feet away. “RUN! She shouted to the women.” Not sparing a second glance.

Surrounding her were similar scenes of grotesquery. The fallen had risen and were attacking anyone who was within reach. She felt her skin tingle, and a warmth coursing through her veins. With each step she gained more confidence, Collen seemed lighter, time slowed again and she was able to calculate the safest route across the avenue without encountering any of the zombies.
Zombies... she thought, as she bounded over cars, between monsters and their victims. She made a sharp left onto 56th street and there before her was pack of them mauling someone on the ground who was still sending shrill screams into the air as he was being torn apart. Hal found herself filled with rage, with a desire to protect the small boy in her arms, she had taken some Tae Kwon Do in college, but nothing prepared her for this. She felt a force rising in her chest, the air around her shimmered as she reached out with her right hand and flung the creatures clear across the street without understanding how. They crashed into cars and smashed into the concrete and glass walls of the opposing building. Stunned or destroyed, she wasn’t sure, but it gave her the time she needed to move.

Still holding Collen, she pushed through the doors in the lobby and that’s when she noticed the power was out. Casting her view around the entryway she found the door for the stairs and ran up them two, three or four at a time. Her stamina never wavered, and she reached the twelfth floor in a time frame she would have thought impossible. She put Collen down outside of the door, pulled out his father’s keys, unlocked the door and moved inside.

“What’s happening?” Collen asked.

“I’m not sure. I think some of the people...” she paused, unsure how to explain things to a small child.

“They’re monsters?”

“Yeah, something like that. And something else, I feel stronger. You saw how fast we came up those stairs? I didn’t even break a sweat.”

“You’re like a superhero. You saved me.” He smiled at her.

Hal laughed, “Maybe, let’s call your mom.” Hal pulled out her cell phone and they tried to dial Collen’s mom. There was signal, but the lines were jammed. “Let’s try again in a little bit. Why don’t we go to your room a pack an adventure bag. We’re going to have to get out of the city and I’m going to have to get you back to your mom, so it’ll be like an adventure. Empty out your backpack, let’s pack some clothes for you.”

They went to Collen’s room, it was small but cozy. He had a little desk, a dresser and a shelf full of action figures. There was a chest at the foot of his bed, and some 3 plastic crates stacked atop one another, holding clothes and shoes. It was well-organized and clean. Hal helped him pack the clothes he would need for the journey and then they went back into the kitchen and tried the phone again.

This time they were able to get through. Collen spoke to his mom and told her about his father. He mentioned the pretty lady that saved him and how they’re going to get out of the city and meet her. That’s when Collen handed her the phone.

“She asked for you.”

“Thank you so much. What’s your name miss?”

“Hal, no problem. He was right in front of me when the explosions hit. Any word on what’s happening? There’s no power here.”

“Space rocks is what they’re saying. Comet debris or something. There’s strange reports of people turning into... gosh I feel silly saying this...”

“Zombies. It’s true. We’ve seen them. They’re attacking people on the street. We’re safe here in your son’s apartment, but we can’t stay here. I have a sister in the city, our Plan B is to meet at my apartment 24 hours after some major happens and get out of the city. Our folks live in Pennsylvania, not far from Philadelphia. I can give you their address, if you can fly into Philadelphia we can meet there.” Hal said.

“Oh my. Please keep him safe. I’ll get on the next flight out. By the way, my name is April, and thank you for everything.”
Hal relayed the address and handed the phone back to Collen so he could say his goodbyes. After he hung up, he handed the phone back to Hal and she dialed her sister.

The phone lines were jammed again. Hal tried a few more times before giving up in frustration. She sat down with a sigh and held the phone in the palm of her hand. Remembering how she flung the group of zombies across the street, she focused on the phone. She felt it wobble a bit and then it lifted clear into the air, a few inches above her palm. It hung there, rotating slowly. She couldn’t believe her eyes.

“Wow!” Collen shouted. The phone plopped back into Hal’s hand as her concentration broke. “That’s a cool trick! You are a superhero. Told you so.” He said with a smile.

“I’m not sure what’s happening kiddo. Whatever made those people monsters must have affected the survivors. You might be super too...” Collen’s face lit up at the suggestion. He ran into his room and came back with one of his action figures. Carefully, he placed it on the coffee table and sat down on the ground so his eyes were level with it. His face scrunched in concentration, but after a few seconds he gave up when nothing happened.

“Oh, I don’t think so.” He said with a resigned tone.

“Maybe you have a different ability, don’t give up so easily. Let’s gear up and get back to my place.” She had Collen put on his skateboarding helmet and took a heavy leather jacket from the hall closet. Just wearing something to protect them felt right. Hal scavenged in the kitchen for any food they could carry with them. She put some cold cuts and fruit into Collen’s bag for him, but she wasn’t that worried about food since her apartment was stocked. She gave her powers a quick test, lifting the chairs and coffee table in the living room and gently lowering them again. She felt like she was starting to get the hang of it.

“That’s so cool....” Collen said amazed.

“Let’s hope it’s enough to keep us safe. Come on, we should get going.”

They climbed back down the stairs and Hal cracked open the door to the lobby, there was a man covered in blood and dust bent over a corpse blocking the entryway. For a split second she thought he might be trying to help, but then she realized the man on top was eating the one below. She let the door close gently and whispered to Collen, “Stay here, I’ll be right back.”

“No, I want to stay with you...”

She thought for a second, “Alright, it’s probably best if you stay close anyway. Stick behind me and if I tell you to run you do it, okay?”

Collen nodded his reply.

Hal opened the door and stepped lightly into the lobby with Collen on her heels. The zombie ignored them and continued munching on his meal. As they moved closer, they avoided pools of blood on the ground and Hal realized it would be impossible for them to pass unnoticed. She reached out with her hand and felt her force clench around the zombie’s head and neck. It was surprisingly easy to lift the creature straight up off the ground, it thrashed and snarled as it floated in mid-air, unable to find any sort of physical purchase.

“Dinner’s canceled ugly.” Channeling her disgust and revulsion Hal tossed the creature into the far wall, its body slammed into the marble facade with such force that it cracked and split the wall, leaving the mangled remains halfway lodged inside.

She took Collen’s hand and led him out the front door and cut right down the street toward the west-side.

They crossed second and third avenues without incident, avoiding small packs of zeds that were occupied with flesh-meals. At Lexington there were a few walkers stumbling around and as they crossed the avenue one took note and hurriedly stumbled towards them moaning. Hal knocked him off his feet by pushing out his legs and watched as he face-planted into the asphalt. By that point, three more had taken notice and came at them from the north. One moved very quickly, scrambling across the ground on his arms and legs like a rabid animal. He looked to be a young man, or at least he was a young man, before. Gore dangled from his face and a frenzied look consumed his dead-eyes. Hal stopped on the north-west corner of the street and lifted him high into the air, she sent him flying back the way they had come and he tumbled through the air crashing somewhere down the block. The remaining two she force-pushed up Lex, sending them crashing into the empty cars still clogging the street. The ruckus was enough to draw attention from the undead lurking in the area and they perked up and moved towards Hal and Collen en masse.

Hal saw small group after group turn and amble towards them. She scooped Collen up off the ground and ran westward with him over her shoulder as the horde assembled and followed. For the first time Hal was struck with fear. Her newfound ability had given her confidence, but now the sheer number of undead seemed threatening. There’s so many... she thought to herself. The run to Park Ave was short, but when she got there things were eerily quiet. Seeing the pack of zeds behind her, she couldn’t afford to take things slowly, and bolted across the street still carrying Collen. She jumped over a car, bounding off its hood, past a truck and barely noticed the scores of bodies littering the street. She lowered Collen to the ground and telekinetically pushed the cars and trucks together forming a makeshift barrier.

“That should slow them down.” She said, finding herself unfazed by the effort. Collen tugged at her sleeve and when she looked, she saw what had drawn his attention. From out beneath a UPS truck in front of them a dark, four-legged creature emerged. Its thick fur was matted with brown splotches of dried blood and dust. Its eyes were dark pits amidst tufts of light brown fur, and as it crawled into the daylight, it opened its mouth, distending it beyond what should have been possible. Rows of white teeth lined its mouth and as it moved the fur rippled and writhed as three, furry tentacles unravelled and extended around its body, each tipped with a three-pronged pincer.

“It kinda looks like a dog...” Collen observed.

The three tentacles shot across the space dividing them in an instant and slammed into a wall of force Hal projected in front of them, holding up her right hand defensively.

She noticed more dark forms emerging from under other vehicles and alleys, some larger and some smaller than the first. More came out from the shops and buildings that lined the streets. They looked like twisted malevolent cats and dogs, or what once had been a cat or dog. Each had its body grossly mutated with fur missing or in patches, some of them had tentacles, and all of them were crawling towards Hal and Collen.

“What the....” Hal’s jaw dropped, astonished. She focused on the nearest one and crushed it with a thought. Two more approached, jumping and running toward them. She picked them up and sent them flying backward until they vanished from sight. More and more emerged, and she saw others climbing along the sides of the buildings near her. Lifting both her hands she projected a solid bubble of force around the two of them. The horde of zombies was working its way over the barrier of cars and wasn’t far behind. She held the bubble and flung one or two away, crushed another, but still more and more came. The mutated animals began to drop down onto them, pummeling the field with tooth and claw. Collen grabbed Hal’s leg, preferring to hide his face in her side. She continued to crush, toss and slam the creatures every which way but it wasn’t enough. There seemed to be an endless supply, whenever she destroyed or repelled one, three more would materialize from their surroundings. When she felt the bubble fluctuate she stopped trying to attack them and just focused on maintaining the wall. The stench of their rotting flesh filled her nostrils. Their moans, hisses and cries filled the air, a cacophony of chaotic angry noise. They pounded on the bubble, and began to pile atop one another. Their forms had partially buried the force-shield and Hal was slowly being filled with despair as she saw no way out. The external pressure continued to build, sweat dripped down from her temple. She looked down at Collen and apologized, “I’m sorry kiddo...” Not knowing what else to say or do.

Just as she felt the bubble fluctuating, near collapse, another foreign force encapsulated her own. A man’s voice shouted from above, “Hold on and keep that shield up!” Hal looked up and saw a man floating in mid-air, he had shoulder-length straight black hair and black trenchcoat that billowed around him like smoke in the wind.

Hal focused all her attention on crystallizing the energy surrounding them. At first, the man’s shield felt tight around her own, but as she focused, the two layers fused and wove together forming an impenetrable wall of force.

“Might want to close your eyes, it’s about to get really bright. Now!” he yelled. Hal watched as tendrils of orange flame erupted from the monsters, first one and then another, before long they were all burning, consumed by a sea of fire that rose like a swelling tide. The mutants howled and roared as they were ripped apart. The flames moved like liquid, flowing over their bubble. Hal felt no heat, but the conflagration had completely consumed their bubble, bathing them in fantastic hues of red, yellow and white.

“Beautiful...” she whispered, before shutting her eyes involuntarily to protect them from the intensity of the light. When the light began to fade she opened them again and saw collapsed heaps of charred flesh, black smoke drifting off their corpses. The street and buildings surrounding them, as well as the vehicles were all covered in black soot.

She released her hold on the shield, “It’s okay Collen, we’re okay.”

He blinked his eyes and looked up. “What happened?”

“Someone saved us.” She said, nodding toward the man floating above them. He lowered himself to the ground in front of them.

“Are you two okay?” He asked.

“Fine, thanks to you.” She looked down at her arms, “I even got a tan.”

He laughed, “Glad we could help. I’m Adam, my roommate Jarrod is up on the roof above us. He’s the firestarter. I’d be happy to make introductions, if you don’t mind, I’ll lift us up there. It’s a bit safer.”

“We’re gonna fly?” Collen asked with wide-eyes.

“You bet buddy.” Adam replied. He extended his hand toward Hal with a warm smile on his face. She took his in hers and felt a tingle as they connected. Their eyes met for a moment and Hal felt a feeling of familiarity. He was obviously of Asian descent, Hal guessed Korean by the faint mocha hue of his skin. He’s cute, she thought to herself. She reached for Collen’s hand as well and together the three of them floated upwards into the sky.

They touched down on a building nearby. “That... was... AWESOME!” Collen exclaimed. “Did you see all those monsters? They just blew up!” His excitement was palpable. “There was like a million of those things, and Hal wouldn’t let them touch us and then that fire was everywhere. I can’t believe it. Can we do it again?” He looked up at Hal, his childish face radiant with glee.

Hal laughed and took a knee so she was level with him, “I think we’ll get the chance again before we leave the city. We don’t need to go tempting fate.” Hal smiled at him realizing they weren’t alone. She looked up and made eye contact with a tall man, he had brown eyes, shaggy blond hair and a handsome face. The smile he flashed suggested he knew it all too well.

“This is Jarrod.” Adam said.

“Pretty amazing huh?” Jarrod said, as he extended his hand wisps of flame trailed up his arm. Hal shook it firmly without hesitation.

“Thank you.” She said, not unkindly. “Thanks for your help, both of you.” She looked at Adam and smiled. “This is Collen.” He stood up straight and smiled proudly.

“Your son?” Jarrod asked suggestively.

“No,” She looked at Collen and felt a mixture of sympathy and affection. “He’s my friend.”

“Hal saved me after the explosion, she’s awesome. She can move stuff with her mind, has like, super-strength and she’s the most beautiful girl in the world. I don’t know what I would have done if she hadn’t found me after I lost Dad.” His eyes and voiced dropped off as he remembered his father’s death. Adam jumped in changing the subject.

“We’re roommates,” he said, referring to Jarrod, “we started killing these things once we realized we could. You’re telekinetic as well?”

“Yeah, I mean, I guess, I can move stuff with my mind like Collen said.”

“Strength too?”

“I’m not sure, I ran up a dozen flights of stairs carrying Collen and wasn’t even winded. Haven’t tested it out yet.”

“You might have subconsciously augmented your physical ability with your telekinesis. Interesting. We seem to have the same power.”

“But, you can fly.”

“Sure, so can you. You haven’t tried it?

“Well, no.”

“It’s easy, just relax and gently lift yourself like you would anything else. I root my ability on my skeletal structure and move that. It’ll give you the most maneuverability and stability.”

Hal looked at Collen nervously and he nodded her on. Jarrod was snapping his fingers emitting sparks, idly entertaining himself.

“Careful kiddo, Adam thinks everything he can do is easy.” He said without looking up. She tried to ignore him and focus on Adam’s instructions. She took a deep breath and focused on her skeleton and lifting it just a tad. Gradually her feet lost contact with the rooftop and once she was a few inches up she lost her concentration, wobbled and fell onto her hands and knees.

“Ouch,” she laughed. “This is so weird.”

“Beats building web-pages.” Adam grinned at her. “You just need practice, it’s incredibly freeing once you get used to it.” He floated a few feet off the ground.

Hal tried again and this time managed to maintain herself awkwardly in the air. She was semi-standing with a forward lean she couldn’t seem to straighten out. “Well this will make it easy to get out of the city. We were going to my apartment first, my sister might be there, and Collen’s mother is going to meet us at my folks place outside of Philly. Y’all are welcome to come with us.

“We’re the only ones killing these things, we should probably keep at it... It’d be terrible if any of them escaped the island.” Adam reflected.

“We’ve killed a lot so far, we‘ll probably end up taking out some more on our way out. I think we should stick together, we haven’t seen any other survivors, we can protect them.” Jarrod added.

“Can we fly again? Please?” Collen begged.

“Sure buddy.” Adam replied. A low rumbling shook the rooftop as a giant tree rapidly grew above the skyline to the north.

“What the hell?” Jarrod cursed.

“Could be another survivor... shall we?” Adam asked, looking at Hal. She, in turn, looked at Collen with concern. “It’ll be okay. I can keep us all away from danger.”

“Alright. Let’s do it.”

Adam lifted all four of them easily and they flew in formation. Hal was between Jarrod and Adam with Collen above and behind her. Adam arranged them. They aimed straight for the giant tree. It towered above the skyline, dominating Central Park. They flew over buildings and witnessed similar scenes of devastation again and again, abandoned cars and trucks littered the streets, fires burnt and smoked in them and the buildings. Adam took them high enough to see the impact crater. “That’s where it exploded.” He pointed toward Times Square.

“Fitting. Right?” Jarrod joked.

Hal looked across the open sky and saw a circular gap in the buildings below. Times Square was a smoldering steel skeleton of it’s former self. Everything was covered in grey ash, and smoke still drifted lazily from below.

“Oh my.” Hal covered her mouth in shock.

“Once Adam had us airborne we went to check it out.” Jarrod added.

“It doesn’t seem like it actually hit the ground. There’s no actual impact crater. What it looks like happened was that it exploded, mid-air, rendering that city-wide shockwave. It must have killed millions, instantly.” Adam said cooly. He could see discomfort across Hal and Collen’s faces and turned them toward the tree. “Collen, spread out your arms. I’m gonna teach you how to fly.”

They hovered for a second more and then Adam moved them off toward the tree. They went from leaning forward to lying horizontally as they picked up speed. Collen whooped loudly as the wind rush past his face. Hal kept looking for undead or mutated animals but she didn’t see any.

“There’s no creatures anywhere.” She shouted through the wind. Adam pushed his right hand outward and grabbed a ball of nothing, as he clamped down the wind brushing past them cease completely. The air itself stopped moving, even though they continued on. Collen was mid-whoop when the wind cut out and became suddenly self-conscious.

“Easier to talk inside of a bubble.” Adam smiled. “I saw.”

“We probably killed them all.” Jarrod said easily.

“It’s a big city. It’s likely there’s some still out there.” Hal suggested.

“We’ll keep an eye out. Whatever we see, we kill. It’s not like they have a chance.” Adam grinned at Hal. “Try holding yourself up and moving with the rest of us. You should be able to feel the field I’m generating. Just lock yourself in with us.” Hal flashed a little concern, so he followed with, “Don’t worry. I won’t let you fall.”

Hal focused on holding herself up. It proved to be easier than she expected. She was starting to get used to weightlessness and that helped. “You’re right, it is easy, and... incredible.” She said as she grinned at Adam. She moved away from the three others and shot forward a few hundred yards. Adam matched her speed and formed up on her.

“You’re a fast learner.” Jarrod observed. She smiled back and then winked at Collen.

They flew over the entrance to the park and approached the giant tree. It’s limbs were huge, gnarled things covered with leaves and massive vines. It was taller than a skyscraper, thicker than any building in the city, it looked massive and ancient even though it was only a few minutes old, and there was something else...

“It’s moving...” Hal observed. The trunk itself twisted slightly and vines lashed out at tiny black objects that seemed to move in perfect formation around the tree. “You see that?” She pointed at the swarm.

“They’re birds.” Adam reflected.

“So why is the giant-tree attacking the birds?” Jarrod asked. As if in answer, a few of the birds broke off the swarm and made a pass at the trunk. As they watched closely, they saw the birds spew a blast of blazing green liquid which seared and burned the trunk.
At the base of the tree they saw a ring of mutated animals clawing and gnawing on its massive roots.

“This is some weird shit.” Jarrod commented. Hal looked at him disapprovingly, nodding at Collen.

“Oh right. Sorry.” He hastily apologized. “Looks like they’re working together.”

“It would seem so. So far we’ve seen these things behaving wildly, on instinct. It’s possible something is driving them toward the tree. The way they work together though.” He laughed.

“What is it?” Hal asked.

“It reminds me of Starcraft.”

“What’s that?”

“A videogame. See how they’re coordinated, broken off into small groups, each assigned an individual task? It suggests they’re being micromanaged.”

“Controlled.” She replied.


“I say we help the tree.” Hal suggested.

“I’m in.” Jarrod added, conjuring a fireball in his right hand. The tendrils of flame wisped up his right arm and Hal saw that self-same glow burn behind his eyes.

“Alright. Hal, can you grab and isolate the swarm while remaining airborne?” Adam asked.

“Yeah, I think so.”

“Do it. I’ll hold us here and keep us shielded. Jay, once she has them frozen, light em up.”

“Sounds like a plan.” Jarrod replied.

Hal focused on the birds and held her hands before her, as if she was holding a basketball. She realized she could feel their tiny bodies moving through space. She felt them and the space around them and held it in her mind and between her hands, simultaneously. Stop. She thought and suddenly they all ceased moving and hung in the air.

“Now!” Adam yelled.

Jarrod brought his hands together, clapping his empty hand with the fireball. As they connected the fireball burst in a tiny ring around his hands and a huge explosion engulfed the swarm. The force echoed across the park. Adam shielded them from the shock wave, but the mutants on the ground were knocked off their feet. The tree stopped moving, it’s targets gone.
Hal released her hold and the flyers fell from the sky, leaving trails of black smoke as they dropped.

“Score.” Jarrod said. “Nice work.”

“Now let’s get the ones on the ground.” Adam said, but as he did, the mutants below scattered and retreated across the fields into the surrounding underbrush.

“They ran away.” Hal stated.

“We haven’t seen that before.” Adam said

“Who cares? We win.” Jarrod projected fireballs at them which grew as they neared and exploded on impact.

As the tree ceased its defense its vines relaxed. It creaked and groaned as wood parted and grew. The top canopy split open and a branch grew straight up, at it’s tip there was a man, encased in the wood from the waist below. Hal’s quartet floated toward him cautiously. Both Adam and Hal focused on maintaining a defensive bubble. They relaxed a bit when he began to wave at them. He had short-cropped brown hair and his once-long sleeve shirt was ripped to shreds. When Hal looked closely she noticed pieces of bark flaking off his arms and chest.

“Hey There! Thanks for the help. Those things had chased me clear across the east side. Didn’t know what to do when they surrounded me, this just kinda happened.” He gestured toward the tree.

“No problem tree-beard.” Jarrod quipped.

“I’m Hal, this is Adam, Jarrod and Collen.” She introduced them in turn.

“The name’s Jake, and this is El.” A small silver snake wound its way up around Jake’s torso appearing on his shoulder, she licked his ear affectionately. It wound its way up his bicep and coiled along his forearm.

“Nice pet. You need a lift? We’re on our way out of town.” Hal offered.

“Sure, y’all can fly?”

“Sort of, it’s complicated. We can talk about it at my apartment, it’s just south of the park, 57th and 10th. If you can, uhm disconnect yourself from the tree I can lift you up.” She said awkwardly.

“No problem.” Jake said easily. He held his hands aloft at his sides and the wood flowed in layers, receding around him until he stood on a flat platform in torn jeans. He raised each bare foot in turn snapping it free from the tree.

“I’m going to pick you up now, try not to freak out.” Hal warned.

“Whatever you say pretty lady.” Jake smiled at her.

Hal rolled her eyes and jerked him upward to join them.

“Woah, this is weird.” Jake said.

“Weirder than becoming a giant tree?” Adam asked.

“Point.” Jake replied.

As the exchange was happening a dark form tore free from the trees below. It flew up fast behind the group before anyone could notice. Hal screamed as a blast of liquid fire coated the backs of her legs, buttocks and torso. Both she and Jake began to fall. They only dropped a few feet before Adam caught them and Jarrod had vaporized the fell-bird. Hal ripped a small wave of force outward from her self flinging off the strange fire. She screamed again as the pain washed over her and she lost consciousness. Adam formed a bubble around them and took them to Hal’s intersection in seconds.

Adam pulled himself to her, lightly holding her shoulders. She was still breathing. “Hal wake up. You have to stay awake. You’re in shock.” Her eyes blinked open as she took a deep breath. Her face was rife with agony.

“It hurts...” she muttered between breaths.

“Hally!” Collen screamed, reached out for her. Adam moved him over to her and he grabbed her right arm with his two small hands. “Is she gonna be okay?” He looked around at the faces of the men. They all wore grim masks and avoided eye contact, except for Adam. His face was still, with shades of anger. Her entire back-side was singed; mottled with red and black, blood oozed from the wounds. “It’s my fault.” he said quietly.

“It’s no one’s fault bro.” Jarrod said seriously.

“Adam...” she gasped.

“I’m here Hal.”

“Promise me... you’ll protect...” she winced. “Keep Collen Safe. Get him back to his mother.”

“Hey don’t get all last-words on me. I’ve got you telekinetically bandaged. I can keep you like this until we get the real thing.”

“You’ll be okay Hal.” Collen said as if he was praying. The rest watched, harboring their skepticism and slowly a blue-white light sprung up around Collen. It flowed around him like water and coursed across his arms and over Hal. As it made contact with her wounded flesh it healed before their eyes. In a few seconds, it was all over, the light evaporated and Hal’s wounds were gone.

Hal blinked with confusion, “What just happened?” She looked at her back as they rest of them stared onward in disbelief.

“Hally!” Collen shouted before wrapping himself firmly around her waist.

“The kid’s got talent.” Jake said.

“It would seem so.” Adam approved.

“Hah, yeah, no doubt. Collen’s our healer. Pro-level support kid.” Jarrod smiled.

“You gave us a bit of a scare there Hal.” Adam said with a smile. “Nice work Collen.” He beamed happily at Adam.

“You saved me kiddo. You’re super too.” Hal said.

“I’m just happy you’re okay Hally.” He replied.

“Let’s get inside. That’s my place.” Hal pointed out her building.

They landed softly on the roof and climbed down the fire escape and in through the kitchen window. They made some noise as they entered drawing a young woman in from the living room.

“Oh thank God Hal...” she ran to embrace her and Hal’s face showed relief as they connected. As they parted Hal made introductions.

“Everyone this is my little sister, Katelyn, Katelyn this is everyone.” Hal took the time to introduce them individually. They spent the next few hours changing clothes, showering and cooking up a feast of bacon and burgers. Thankfully the gas-range still worked even without power and as they sat down in the living room they swapped stories from the morning. Hal recounted everything they’d been through, making special mention of Collen and how he healed her. Katelyn ruffled his hair appreciatively and then began to tell her story.

“I was coming out of my dorm, on my way to class. As I was walking down the block I heard the first explosion, it sounded massive and the ground shook a few moments after I heard it. I knew something was wrong, so I pulled out my phone to call you and that’s when the second one hit. No sound, but that light, it was so strange. I looked around and I saw that everyone on the street had just stopped, a few people were getting out their phones trying to make a call but most of the folks had these awkward looks like they weren’t quite there. After a few seconds it just got crazy, people started attacking each other, randomly. It was so scary. One woman ran straight at me, jumping at me with a crazed look on her face but it was like she was moving in slow-mo and I just side-stepped her. Then another guy went to grab me and it was like the same thing happened, he moved so slowly I just ducked under his arms and dodged to the side. At that point I didn’t know what else to do so I just started running and that’s when I started to figure it out.”

“What?” Jake asked as he fed El a piece of bacon. Katelyn smiled at him and in a flash she was sitting beside him on the opposite side of the room, a light breeze washed over them all.

“Incredible.” Adam approved. “You’ve got enhanced sensory-motor response.”

“Is that like an STD or something?” Jarrod quipped. Katelyn gave him a dirty look.

“She’s really fast. Like Bruce Lee cubed by the looks of it.” Jake suggested.

“Pretty cool huh? I just ran up here and waited. I was so worried Hal. The streets were chaotic, I saw a pack of dogs or what I thought were dogs going at it against mobs of people.”

“And they were fighting the mutated animals?” Adam asked.

“Yah. Weird huh? I thought you guys said they were working together...”

“Indeed, when they were attacking Jake they were well coordinated, like they shared a hive mind.” Adam added.

“So it’s possible someone out there has the power to control all those creatures? Zombies and mutants?” Hal asked.

“At this point I think that’s the most probable explanation for what we’ve seen.” Adam observed.

“What does it want then? The only thing we’ve seen is violence, it attacks people, randomly.” Jake responded.

“Maybe they’re hungry?” Jarrod said as he bit into a piece of sausage.

“Or threatened. Think about it, as far as we know we’re the only survivors. All of us have some super-human ability and we’ve been killing these things off in large numbers. Whatever or whoever has control has to have taken notice. We’re a threat to its army.” Hal commented.

“Then what’s the end game here? What does it want?”

What do all men with power want? More power... the feminine voice rang through tall their minds with a soft lyrical intensity that left the words echoing inside their heads.

“Uh what was that?” Katelyn asked uncomfortably.

“My apologies. I didn’t realize El could project her thoughts to anyone other than me... until now.” Jake reflected.

“Your snake can talk?” Jarrod asked, incredulous.

“Since the explosion I’ve gotten a few words here and there, mostly warnings or emotions. She saved me from one of those mutant dogs, warning me before I saw it. Gave me enough time to conjure a shield of bark outta the ground. I didn’t think anyone else could hear her, so I didn’t mention it. Didn’t want y’all to think I was crazy. That was, however, her first fully formed sentence and a quote from the Matrix I believe.”


“It’s our favorite movie.” Jake explained.

“Dude you gotta ask her to cut that out, it’s seriously creepy.” Jarrod complained.

“My apologies, I guess she was feeling a little left out.”

“Can I hold her?” Collen asked.

Jake looked at El and they exchanged a silent glance before he said, “Sure buddy, just don’t squeeze her, let her hold onto you.”
“Cool! Okay.”

Jake stretched out his arm and let El slide into Collen’s hands. She was just over a foot long with shiny silver scales and red eyes. Collen giggled as she wound up and down his arms.

Hal looked at Adam curiously and he shrugged back at her.

“I guess we can add telepathic snakes to the list...” Adam commented.

“What list?” Jarrod asked.

“Let’s see, superpowers, zombies, mutant monsters, asteroid impacts...” Hal counted each off on her fingers.

“Hey, don’t forget giant trees.” Jake reminded them, they all laughed.

Hal got up and went to her room, she came back with a small, portable survival radio. It was powered by solar power and had a hand crank and an LED flashlight on it. “Let’s see if we can get any idea what happening out there.” She put it down and clicked it on, at first there was nothing but static but then she found a station that had someone broadcasting...

“...seem to be migrating toward the west side with a large horde massing at the George Washington Bridge. All bridges and tunnels in the city have been shut down and blocked off, but we’ve had a few of what can only be described as undead, attempt to breach the barricade resulting in police and military officials shooting them down. It’s unclear what these things want, if anything. If you’re just joining us I’m Satirius Johnson for NPR news here on the ground on the Jersey side of the George Washington Bridge. We’re waiting for a brief from General Jack Somerset, he’s the officer in charge of handling this incident which has become a national security matter. Oh here he comes...”

“Good afternoon ladies and gentleman, I don’t have a lot of time but here’s what we know. From our reconnaissance, we’ve determined that every living thing on the isle of Manhattan was killed or converted into these creatures. We haven’t had any incidents reported off the island as of yet, but we are encouraging everyone to evacuate the area immediately as a precaution. We’re also certain that the cause of this disaster was natural in origin and was due to the asteroid impacts from this morning. We’re keeping the island under quarantine and will not allow any of the infected to leave. That’s all I have and I’ll take a few questions.”

“General when you say infected do you mean that the creatures are contagious?”

“We have no evidence to support that conclusion. As yet, our forces have not had a chance to study these creatures up close. Until such time we are treating them as if they are extremely dangerous and will destroy any of them that try to leave the quarantine zone.”

“General, thanks for you time, it seems as if their numbers are increasing rapidly on the other side of the bridge. Is it possible they are preparing some sort of assault on the mainland?”

“It is possible, so far we’ve only seen a few of these creatures testing our defenses. Some have climbed across the bridge’s structure, some have ran across the road directly, other have climbed underneath - all of them were killed by our snipers and officers. If they do attempt a larger assault we are prepared for that and more of our forces are arriving every minute. We have a squadron of F-22s circling the city in rotating shifts that are fully armed with a variety of weapons. Those are supplemented by tanks on the ground, as well as artillery, and we’ve already managed to get a few thousand national guardsmen here who are being armed and briefed as we speak. Right now our orders are to maintain the quarantine and wait for further instructions from the President.

“General, just one last question, is it possible we experience more of these impacts from space?”

“Unfortunately I can’t answer that question and that’s all the time I have.”

“You’ve heard it here folks, if you’re just joining us there’s a military stand-off between a horde of mutant creatures and our armed forces at the George Washington Bridge connecting Manhattan to New Jersey...”

Hal turned the volume down. “Well this is interesting.” Katelyn commented.

“It’s not like it’s our problem...” Jake said.

“With great power comes great responsibility bro.” Jarrod chided.

“The Human Torch does have a point. The armed forces may be hard pressed to combat their numbers without our help. We also have experience fighting these things and information about their organization that could prove invaluable.” Adam reflected.

“We have a kid to think about too though.” Hal said.

“Perhaps you could take Collen and go to your parent’s place. The rest of us can stay and fight.” Adam said.

“I’m not leaving my sister.” Hal retorted.

“I wanna fight the monsters too!” Collen yelled a little too loudly. In a softer voice he continued, “Can we stay and help Hally?”

Hal looked at Adam and said, “I think we should stick together as much as possible, and do what we can to keep Collen away from the fighting.”

“Agreed.” Adam replied.

Hal thought for a minute and said, “Okay, I have a plan...”

Katelyn ran up the west side highway and passed by mobs of monsters without them so much as glancing at her. She moved so quickly that the creatures didn’t have time to react and all they felt was a burst of wind as she tore by them. As she approached the bridge she realized they were increasing in density, clogging up the street. This naturally meant that she would have to use them as stepping stones, so she lept off the ground and bounced from one head to the next. To an onlooker, this looked like a chain of small explosions, each mutant or zombie being pushed into the ground with incredible force. A few of the snipers and scouts took notice.

Katelyn got to the bridge and flashed across its length. She slipped behind the front lines and found an official-looking, large tent which she entered without being noticed. She slowed down to normal speed once she was inside. Around a large table there were several military types, some in fatigues, with a large smattering of police and city officials in business suits.

“Hi there!” She piped up. She was sure to wear some of her sister’s nicest clothes, a slim-fitting silk blouse with dress pants and some black high tops. The men turned toward her, one of the men at the table giving the standard, “Miss you can’t be in here...” and tried to escort her out. She zipped across to the other side of the room, which got their attention.

“Listen, I just need 2 minutes of your time. There’s information you absolutely must know and you have to know it now.” She rehearsed the speech a few times before she left the apartment, she gave them a rundown of the mutants, their hive-mind potential, and the fact that there were six survivors and all of them had abilities. She zipped around a few more times to demonstrate it full enough to the remaining skeptics. Then she laid out their plan.

“You should all be arrested. You have no authority here, but I won’t be the one to waste time or resources trying to stop you and your friends. If you can do what you say you can do I’ll lend you our support in anyway I can.” The General smiled at her before returning to his standard scowl and barked orders across the room to aids and guardsmen.

Katelyn led them outside to the makeshift helicopter landing pad and spun her hand in the air sending up wisps of dust and dirt that could be scene from across the river.

“There’s the signal.” Hal said as she floated with Collen clutched to her back and Adam close beside her. “Good luck.”

“You too, by the way, when this is over, would you want to get coffee or something?” Adam said awkwardly.

“Sure, I’d like that. Your timing sucks by the way.” She smiled back at him.

Adam laughed. “I know. I’m terrible at this. See you soon.” He floated off over the horde as she took Collen across the water to the landing pad. She saw a group assembled around the landing pad. Military folks fully geared out as well as suits and police littered the area. Their awe was palpable as Hal descended from the sky. She landed and let Collen down as the General approached her.

“You must be Hal.” They shook hands.

“Nice to meet you General. I hope we can help.” She offered.

“I’m sure you can, this must be Collen.” He bent down to greet the boy, but Collen hovered behind Hal’s legs.
“He’s a little shy. Katelyn can you take him...”

“Sure, come here buddy.” Katelyn took his hand and they were escorted toward the medical tents to keep him out of the fighting.

The general, Hal and his entourage all walked toward the bridge. “So this plan is your idea?” he said to her.

“Yep. We couldn’t leave all the fun to you boys, we have the same goal. Preventing these things from spreading, and from what we’ve seen it seems as if something is controlling them all.”

“Your sister filled us in. Anyway to find that something?”

“Nope, our telepathic snake can’t zero in on it, we think it’s in the horde, thus the plan.”

“I’m sorry, your what?”

“Don’t worry about it... whatever it is is in that horde, so if we take that out it should kill it.”

Hal stepped onto the bridge and projected a wall of force dividing the bridge. The barrier crossed half-way across the bridge and spread out from there.

“We haven’t seen any of them enter the water, so we don’t think they can swim.” The General added. “We’ve shot a few of them and seen them fall into the water, their bodies decompose rapidly in the river. My eggheads tell me that their molecular structure is extremely volatile or some such. They aren’t stable enough to swim.”

“That’s good.” Hal responded. She felt Adam’s force brush up against her shield. “They’re ready. Are you?” The general pulled out a walkie-talkie and checked that he had clear comms to the rest of his forces.

“Yes ma'am.” He replied.

Hal lifted them both high into the sky, floating several hundred feet above the bridge and camp. From here they could see the sprawl of infected pulsing toward a central point on the other side of the river as well as the military camp, tanks, artillery and personnel all spread out beneath them and occupying the surrounding area.

As they watched, trees and underbrush sprung up around the zombies. On the ground, they came to life, animated by Jake’s thoughts and wishes. Adam was with him on the other side of the river, they found a clear plot of earth up-river. Jake kicked off his shoes and sunk his feet into the dirt. Adam watched as bark sprung up around his feet and roots sprouted deep into the ground. El coiled around his neck like jewelry, connecting them all telepathically.

Jake: Can y’all hear me.

Hal: Loud and Clear.

Jarrod: I see you’ve started the party tree-beard. I’m gonna hit the dance floor.

Jarrod was atop a tall apartment building looking down on the massive horde. When the plants emerged and attacked he saw the creatures pile atop one another creating a massive pile directly beneath him. He took a deep breath and hopped up on the stone half-wall separating the roof from open space and glanced down. Below him plant life lashed, pierced and entangled the creatures from all sides. It was as if an army of trees and bushes rose from the earth to attack the undead. The creatures couldn’t defend themselves from it, and conveniently formed a huge mass directly beneath Jarrod. His eyes began to glow as the afternoon passed into evening. He felt the fire inside himself and in the creatures and in an instant his entire body was aflame, the warmth of it coursed through him and he slowly began to rise into the air on his own accord.

Jarrod: It’s official I’m totally the human torch.

Adam: I figured it was only a matter of time until you were completely flaming. Pun intended.

Hal: Enough joking, fry those things Jay.

Jarrod clapped his hands together and a fiery explosion ripped through the horde of undead. The tendrils cracked and destroyed a lot of the creatures and plants engaged in combat, but the pile beneath him remained, pulsing and writhing as if the creatures were engaged in some sort of fusion. Confused, he moved himself down closer to the pile and threw fireballs at it as he moved. Each collided with it and exploded, but there was no noticeable damage.

Jarrod: Guys we have a problem. This blob thing is fire-resistant. I can’t seem to hurt it.

He clapped his hands again, sending a rippling explosion through the massive super-organism, but it only seemed to infuse it with more energy. It’s tendrils of flesh swam over its structure more rapidly, its size increased and it started producing a churning rumbling noise.

Adam: Move away Jarrod, we don’t know what they’re doing. We need to form up. I’ll meet you on the roof.

Jarrod floated back up to the rooftop and saw Adam waiting there. He was looking off to the east away from the creature below.

Jarrod: Now what Hal?

Adam: We have a new problem.

Adam flashed an image of what he was looking at across their telepathic link. Simultaneously, everyone saw the eastern sky darken above the city skyline. It looked like small, dark clouds were moving in, but as the picture resolved itself each one of them could see several swarms of countless birds. They were moving towards their position, fast.

Jarrod: I got this.

Hal: I want you two to fall back, grab Jake and regroup over here. I don’t like any of this.

Jarrod: Sure thing, once I roast these bird things.

Jarrod flew up to meet them as Hal raised a protest. He ignored her. Once he got close enough to the swarm the birds flew into each other, creating a massive wing-shaped cloud. When Jarrod clapped, fire flowed through it but as before the energy was absorbed, not a single creature fell, it now seemed like they had fused together creating a massive flying object. He watched as a tentacle shot forward, a sharp barb-like structure on its end smashed into an invisible wall inches from his chest. His flames disappeared in a moment of shock and he fell from the sky. Adam caught him and then moved them both off toward Jake’s position.

The winged structure flew into the area and as it glided over the bridge the military opened fire on it. Tracers and bullets filled the sky and collided with the large black object, seemingly having no effect. It circled the bridge once and then lowered itself onto the blob of mutants, covering it protectively. It’s black feathery exterior shifted towards a dark leathery material.

The General was having frantic conversations with someone on the other end of the his walkie talkie. “I need to get down there Ms. Hal.”

“Of course.” She lowered them to the ground.

Hal: Where are you guys.

Adam: Right here.

Adam, Jake and Jarrod floated up from the water’s surface and join Hal on the bridge.

“Well that almost worked.” Jake said.

“We didn’t know they were immune to fire.” Hal said sullenly.

“I think they’re actually empowered by it. When I hit that thing on the ground, and again the one in the air, I felt the fire fuse with them. It should have ripped them apart. I don’t get it. I almost got speared too, only reason I’m alive is because of you bro.” Jarrod clapped Adam on the shoulder.

Adam smiled. “No problem. We watch each other’s back and stick together from here out.”

“No matter what.” Hal said. They watched as two F22 fighter jets tore past them as two thunderous roars ripped across the sky. They banked hard, turned and returned for another pass. Four missiles shot off their wings and raced toward the pulsing black pile of mutant flesh. Moments before impact it solidified and after the smoke cleared, it remained.

The flesh flowed over itself in layers, unfolding like a puzzle. Two black-scaled wings, as big as buildings extended into the air. Red, purple and yellow flesh uncoiled around the base, revealing a massive, thick tail. Its end forming a razor-filled maw that seemed to have a mind of its own. The rest of the creature was revealed as it stood up on two massive legs. It’s flesh was sinuous, as if the beast was made of blood and muscle alone. It had clawed hands and feet and it’s head was a distended animal skull with four prominent teeth dominating its visage. It’s eyes were vacant black voids deep within it’s boney face. It blasted a tortured screech from its mouth, everyone clamped down on their ears as the piercing whine hit their ears.

“Seriously, what the fuck.” Jarrod cursed.

“Looks like those creatures had some potential we didn’t know about, it looks like something out of Resident Evil.” Adam sounded impressed.

“If it has wings....” Hal started.

“It can fly.” Adam finished.

“We can’t let it get away.” Jake said. He walked over to the edge of the bridge and put his hand out over the water. A bloom of lily pads formed on the surface and released shoots which grew up to lightly entangle his fingers. Trees began to spring up around the creature and vines shot off between them lashing it down. The beast screamed and slashed, and destroyed a few, but more were growing to take their place.

Hal looked at the general. “We can’t hold it forever. Do you have any bigger weapons?”

He looked at her sternly and barked orders to his aids. Blasts ripped across the space above them as artillery was unleashed on the beast. The explosions ripped across its flesh but did no damage. Hal heard the thing release a dark barking cough.

“He laughs.” Adam observed.

The creature raised his clawed fists above his head and slammed the ground. The force shook the ground knocked everyone off their feet and causing the bridge to sway heavily. Adam and Hal caught everyone close to them but the bridge was groaning with stress.

“It’s not going to hold!” He leapt lightly into the air and put out his hands, magically the bridge stopped moving and held still.

“We need to get everyone off the bridge. General, pull your people back.” Hall instructed.

Trees grew up from the water and gently clutched the bridge, supporting its superstructure at key points. Jake looked over at her and smiled. The creature roared again and beat its wings down. Wind raced at them but was deflected by a large flick of Hal’s mind.
It’s wings beat again, the trees around it were destroyed, and it flung itself into the air.

“I’ve got one last idea. Keep this area shielded.” Hal said as she jumped into the sky. She raced up to the creature and carved into it, telekinetically. She swam in the space around its head and moved back in order to draw its attention. She backhanded the space between them and the monster’s head was slammed down by an invisible force. It roared and moved toward her. Hal flew off, sending a kick, punch or slash off whenever she found herself a moment ahead. When she was certain it was thoroughly pissed off she dived down toward the river, the creature pursuing her relentlessly. It closed the gap between them and extended a clawed hand toward her. The arm grew and shot itself off toward her just as she approached the water’s surface. She spun off , parallel to the water, pulled up and used all her power to slam the giant beast into the water. It connected with a splash, sending a giant wave out from the point where it connected. Hal was submerged as it rushed past her, but kept herself safe in a bubble of force. She could see the creature before her, it’s flesh smoking and bubbling as he attempted to stand. The water rushed back in below her and connected with the giant monstrosity before it could regain its composure. It roared and shouted as its flesh was dissolved. Eventually it collapsed into the water completely, parts sloughing off and floating away.

Adam: Nice work Hal.

Hal: Thanks Ad. How about that coffee?

An Original Work by Cyre2067.

Apr. 19th, 2013

Boston Held Hostage by Authorities; Bill of Rights, Freedom, replaced by 'Murica.

I haven't the words, an entire city on 'lockdown', virtual martial law, armed to the teeth police roam the streets as if they'll find this mystery suspect hiding behind a bush or in a dumpster.

I guess everyone is OK with this happening in their neighborhood?

On being forcibly removed from your homes without a warrant? or even shoes?

The bombing in Boston is a horrible tragedy, yes. However, no tragedy, no crime, no amount of death or suffering is worth the immediate discard of all the rights our ancestors fought so hard to achieve. Are we so timid a people that 3 deaths and some hundred injuries is all it takes to shut down one of our cities? To allow police universal authority over our lives and our homes?

You do read the news, yes? Cops kill people indiscriminately all the time. Especially if you happen to have brown skin and a penchant for self-respect. These thugs in uniform are armed high school bullies on steroids...

We don't even have any evidence that the suspects are guilty, all we know is that someone identified them as the 'bomb planters.' Eyewitnesses also describe the explosions as coming from a trash can and a store front - NOT black backpacks - that line has been endlessly regurgitated by the corporate whoring media whom you can NEVER trust, especially during a traumatic event.

The boys' father and mother:
"They never could have done this. Never, ever, ever!" Tsarnev told PEOPLE via phone from Russia. In a conversation filled with screaming and yelling, he was clearly in a state of disbelief and horrified by the events he watched unfold on TV.

"I feel terrible! Why they kill my son? Something wrong! My sons never do bombing," he insisted. "They hated guns – how they do bombs?"

"I am hurt for all the people who lost someone," Alina told PEOPLE from her home in New Jersey. "I lost a relative, my brother. I love my brothers, this is shocking. I don't know what got into them."

"My sons liked everybody. They very good kids," said Anzort Tsarnaev. "They never do bad things to anybody. I talked to my sons yesterday, both of them. We talked about the bombing. I was worried about them, they said they were okay."

The Tsarnaev brothers lived in the United States for several years, and Dzhokar was known as a popular, well-adjusted student in Cambridge, according to numerous reports. Their father, hysterical over the events in Boston, continued to convey his shock to PEOPLE.

"My sons liked everybody. They very good kids," said Anzort Tsarnaev. "They never do bad things to anybody. I talked to my sons yesterday, both of them. We talked about the bombing. I was worried about them, they said they were okay."

The Tsarnaev brothers lived in the United States for several years, and Dzhokar was known as a popular, well-adjusted student in Cambridge, according to numerous reports. Their father, hysterical over the events in Boston, continued to convey his shock to PEOPLE.

I took those quotes from people.com.

I don't claim to have all the facts or to know exactly what's going on, however, it's apparent that this minor bombing (people die in much worse terrorist attacks all over the world, EVERY DAY, most of them being directly funded by our tax dollars aka 'drone strikes') is being used as an excuse to curb our freedom and the rights of people to be safe in their homes and go about their business. That should piss you off.

Feb. 2nd, 2013

Really, Fruitarian?

The Fruitarian Diet

A Fruitarian is someone who eats predominantly fruit and ideally 100%. "Fruits" include all tree fruits, all berries, watermelons, vine fruits like kiwis and grapes and vegetable-fruits like tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers. Fruitarians living in tropical environments would consume coconuts although coconuts are often thought of as a nut.
Some Fruitarians will consume nuts and vegetables to a certain extent, although these rarely would be consumed in any great amount by a Fruitarian, however we promote a true fruitarian diet, 100% fruit with no nuts and no vegetables or greens.

Why Fruitarian?

To most Fruitarians, the diet is simply a natural progression, from omnivore to vegetarian, vegan, raw foods and finally Fruitarian. To some it is the chosen diet for health reasons. Others follow it because they believe humans were always destined to eat fruit, starting from the Garden of Eden.
The one thing that more Fruitarians mention above all others is a knowingness, an internal feeling that the Fruitarian diet is the diet meant for mankind.

Benefits of being Fruitarian

Cooked food is an unnatural human creation and is toxic to the body. Fruitarians eat 100% raw food as close as possible to its natural state. It is never possible to improve upon nature, a fact that many humans find hard to accept. When our diet is in harmony with nature, our health excels and our consciousness expands.

Protein shmotein

Vegetarians have been drilled with the age old question time and time again, "but where do you get your protein?" Oddly enough, vegetarians actually consume more protein than meat eaters. (According to Vegetarian Times) The question is about as ridiculous as asking, but where do you get your cholesterol? Americans are dying in masse because of overconsumption of protein rich foods....

I got that from here:

The bolded parts were mine as well... so there's a lot of lies in the above, and a lot of nonsense, and I wanted to point it out, using evidence, since that method of inquiry is so rare these days.

Cooked food is not 'unnatural'. Our bodies are designed for it. You can think of cooking as pre-disgestion, which takes some of the workload off your body. There's also a lot of hard science that shows eating meat is what fueled our cognitive evolution.


Meat-eating was essential for human evolution, says UC Berkeley anthropologist specializing in diet

By Patricia McBroom, Public Affairs

BERKELEY-- Human ancestors who roamed the dry and open savannas of Africa about 2 million years ago routinely began to include meat in their diets to compensate for a serious decline in the quality of plant foods, according to a physical anthropologist at the University of California, Berkeley.

It was this new meat diet, full of densely-packed nutrients, that provided the catalyst for human evolution, particularly the growth of the brain, said Katharine Milton, an authority on primate diet.

Without meat, said Milton, it's unlikely that proto humans could have secured enough energy and nutrition from the plants available in their African environment at that time to evolve into the active, sociable, intelligent creatures they became. Receding forests would have deprived them of the more nutritious leaves and fruits that forest-dwelling primates survive on, said Milton.

Her thesis complements the discovery last month by UC Berkeley professor Tim White and others that early human species were butchering and eating animal meat as long ago as 2.5 million years. Milton's article integrates dietary strategy with the evolution of human physiology to argue that meat eating was routine. It is published this month in the journal "Evolutionary Anthropology" (Vol.8, #1).


So without eating copious amounts of meat our ancestors likely would not have survived. Before agriculture fruit and vegetables would have been available seasonally at best, so evolutionarily speaking, we're designed to be meat-eaters.

Also keep in mind agriculture is a relatively recent invention, we've been doing it for about ten thousand years. There's anywhere between two-hundred and five hundred thousand years of human history before that point, depending on which fossils you're talking about. Several ice ages - which wouldn't have allowed much flora to grow, but animals would still be an excellent source of protein and fat.

Coming back to Fruityism (I've changed the name), and fruits in general, they're composed primarily of carbohydrates in the form of fructose, water, fiber and very little protein. Most of the cells are surrounded by a cell wall that is indigestible by humans. That means we can access the protein and nutrients in that cell (we call it fiber). Let's talk about fructose for a moment, its a sugar, but a different type, and apparently it fuels cancer cells really well:


Cancer cells slurp up fructose, US study finds

Aug 2 (Reuters) - Pancreatic tumor cells use fructose to divide and proliferate, U.S. researchers said on Monday in a study that challenges the common wisdom that all sugars are the same.

Tumor cells fed both glucose and fructose used the two sugars in two different ways, the team at the University of California Los Angeles found. They said their finding, published in the journal Cancer Research, may help explain other studies that have linked fructose intake with pancreatic cancer, one of the deadliest cancer types.

"These findings show that cancer cells can readily metabolize fructose to increase proliferation," Dr. Anthony Heaney of UCLA's Jonsson Cancer Center and colleagues wrote.

Steve Jobs was Fruity and died of pancreatic cancer as a result. Ashton Kutcher tried the diet and doubled over with stomach pains and had his pancreatic enzyme levels all out of whack when he went to the hospital. Does the insanity seem apparent yet?

So let's talk about Lectins... these are defensive compounds plants and vegetables generate which inhibit digestive enzymes and/or bind minerals. Lectins are partially broken down when you COOK the fruit or vegetable (Making that whole 'raw' vege craze look kinda silly and Fruityism even worse). This stuff you can lookup anywhere by the way, just google Lectin or antinutrient and you can get the skinny yourself. Don't take my word for it.

You know what I eat? A lot of meat and fat. Animal derived, grass-fed, organic. This makes logical sense to me because human bodies are basically large red-meat-sacks. We're constantly generating new skin, new stomach lining, new hair, liver cells, muscle... all this takes raw material and the only input is coming from your diet. My cholesterol levels are 'on the high side' but still normal, and my HDL:LDL ratio is very good. Every cell of your body is surrounded by fat, your muscles, nerves, brain and heart - all encapsulated by a fatty protective layer.

Interestingly, when I get sick it's mostly due to a lapse in my dietary vigilance which means I'll have too much sugar or carbohydrates in a short period of time, or get poisoned with dairy/gluten - and my body reacts literally as if it's been poisoned.

The diet I'm on is called Ketogenic, and it's fascinating because it's impossible to get cancer while on it.

The Ketogenic Diet

All cells, including cancer cells, are fueled by glucose. But if you deprive them of glucose, they switch to the alternate fuel, ketone bodies.

Except cancer cells. A defect prevents them from making the switch to using ketone bodies as fuel and therefore, cancer cells can only survive on glucose. All other cells can use either glucose or ketone bodies.

"Your normal cells have the metabolic flexibility to adapt from using glucose to using ketone bodies. But cancer cells lack this metabolic flexibility. So we can exploit that," Dr. D'Agostino explained.

People like Hatfield, who want to deprive their cells of glucose and fuel them with ketone bodies instead, eat what's known as a ketogenic diet. It consists of almost zero carbohydrates, but lots of natural proteins and fats.

Always wanted to have a cancer cure by the time I was thirty. Can scratch that one off the bucket-list.

May. 24th, 2012

My Problem with HIV/AIDs and Cancer research...

They aren't searching for causes, they're searching for cures. This in and of itself is reflective of the state of western medicine in which 'a pill fixes every problem'. There's also a heavy interest in 'vaccines' for the HIV virus, which simply put, isn't possible when one understands the basic mechanism and design of the virus. One might as well try to develop a vaccine for the common cold.

Both diseases can only take root in people whom are already weakened, this is the crux of the issue. From doing years of nutrition research and understanding how disease can only grow when the person is sufficiently unable to fight it off, I've come to understand that cancer and HIV both will only take root in folks who are 1.) loaded with toxic chemicals from environmental exposure and poor diets and 2.) malnourished and inflamed beyond the body's ability to cope. Psychological trauma can also contribute, as a stressed organism is much more likely to succumb to disease than a stress-free one.

This is what I and other researchers have concluded after studying the literature and basic biochemistry/immunology. There have also been a whole host of cancer cures(Dichloroacetate being the most quick acting, promising treatment, imho)which are ignored or suppressed by the mainstream medical establishment.

Why are these treatments being ignored and suppressed? There are two answers, psychopathy and profit. By admitting that cancer is caused by environmental toxic overload, malnutrition and inflammation, the establishment is basically shooting itself in the foot. They'd have to admit that most of the products were sold are coated in toxic, oil-derived chemicals, that most of the food we eat is coated in other chemicals and that one of the biggest profit-makers, wheat, is highly inflammatory across the spectrum.

This also gets into the agricultural industry, and its tenticular grasp on scientific research. GM Foods also contribute to disease and there is a huge financial interest in pushing these crops on farmers around the world.

Mostly this 'research' consists of throwing money into a black hole without any sincere desire to help the people who suffer from these terrible ailments. So while it is 'nice' to want to help, anyone suffering from these diseases needs to do the research to learn how to maintain their body. Antivirals are great, but they're a treatment, and while they do prevent the progression of the disease in some people they really have their best shot at working when one clears the rest of the toxic garbage from their body and eats a diet that is anti-inflammatory and highly nutritious.

We also have to acknowledge that both HIV and Cancer are lifestyle diseases, at least in western culture, and the individual is responsible for protecting them self as much as possible. If we truly wanted to stop the spread of these diseases, we'd face the truth of the matter and their root cause, and spread awareness of them. That is the most effective way to stop their spread and to minimize their potential impact on society at large.

Ultimately, we have to face up to the fact that our world is run by conscienceless monsters who profit from human disease.
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Feb. 23rd, 2012

The Groundhog Conspiracy

"But how can we convince the humans?" Sassperilla queried.
"It will have to be a slow, gradual plan, one that appeals to their simple minds. We must embed ourselves in their culture, and slowly, over time manipulate them into accepting our whims." replied the Old One.

Two hundred years later, one February morning..

The Johnson Family was seated around the breakfast table, Daddy Johnson reading The Philadelphia Inquirer, Jimmy and Jack Johnson (being 17 and 14 respectively) exchanging light playful banter and Mommy Johnson was making gluten-free flap jacks, grass-fed sausage and organic, nitrite free bacon.

"This Global warming thing is a load of hooey..." Daddy said, tossing the paper aside with disgust. "It's obvious to anyone with two firing neurons that they're just pushing the issue to distract from REAL climate change."

Mommy gently set down a fresh round of flap-jacks and sat next to her husband, their home was a small colonial style 4 bedroom in the middle of no-where Pennsylvania, the kitchen decently sized and the family was seated around a large, rectangular table, the room lit by sunlight gently cascading through the windows. "It does seem as if the winter's in Europe have gotten particularly nasty." Mommy added, "Perhaps there is something to sudden glacial rebound after all..."

"I read on the internet that scientists were lying about global warming..." Jimmy piped up, a slight grin on his face.

"Well you have to be skeptical of things you read on the internet, son, but in this case, given everything else that's out there I think what you read was pretty spot on." Daddy replied. "Now, who's ready to go see Punxsutawney Phil?"

Jimmy shouted, "Oooh! Me!", thrilled that he got to skip school that day to go enjoy the annual Groundhog's Day festivities.

Meanwhile, somewhere deep underground...

"Damn those humans! How dare they talk about our grand conspiracy so flippantly! Our plans are now in jeopardy!" The old one cursed. He was walking along in one of the many underground caverns that housed the Consortium. It was an ancient group of humans and groundhogs who colluded to convince the global populace the world was heating up... "We need the AGBot to get on the mind-control box and thoroughly distort the reality of the situation before more people catch on to our machinations!"

Sassperilla followed, along with a coterie of humans and groundhog guards, assistants and note-takers. Today was Groundhog day, the epic announcement of groundhog will imparted to a few, elect humans to be regurgitated in their media. One of the assistant groundhogs scurried off down a side passage, thorough a retinal-scanning security door and into the hangar.

What stood before him was a large, human shaped android. The AGBot, it's ultimate purpose was to be a tool of the groundhog elite whereby they could communicate with the humans as a human, in this case, humans knew the AGbot as Al Gore. The groundhogs had positioned him in many influence positions, and now his ultimate purpose, to push the Global Warming Agenda, was in full swing. The cat-sized rodent climbed up onto the scaffolding and entered AGBots backside where he could neurally link with the robot, controlling all of its actions directly. After powering up, he casually walked back out into the hallway and rejoined the small ensemble.

"Sassperilla, make sure the bot is on TV before the day's end." The old one ordered as the group entered an elevator and began rapid ascent toward the surface.

"Yes, Old One. We've also begun buying stock in Carbon Credits... phase two is in full swing."

"Excellent... I must complete the ritual. Go now and see to our affairs."

On the surface there was a buzz in the air. The excitement was palpable as everyone waited for Punxsutawney Phil's announcement, will spring come early or will there be six more weeks of winter? As the old one climbed into his borrow from the secret underground entrance he removed his ceremonial robes and crown, handing them off to his assistants. He was ready for the lie... as he clamored out of his sanctuary he was sure to cast and look directly at his shadow, indicating winter would be another 6 weeks in length. This, he knew to be a lie, winter would end early, and all the puny humans would be scurrying around in their thick, winter coats unnecessarily.

"Sweating," he thought, with a maniacal grin.

Dec. 19th, 2011

Psychopathic Bevhaior 101

The below article has since been removed, but I think it serves as an excellent description of pathological behavior.

Scots internet rat used dating site to prey on terrified women across the world

Dec 29 2009 By Karen Bale
Grant McNee

FIVE terrorised women from different sides of the world have revealed how they fell victim to a Scots internet sex cheat.

And they spoke of their fears that twisted charmer Grant McNee has used the web to prey on dozens more women worldwide.

Flabby, red-faced McNee is an unlikely Casanova. He's unemployed and lives with his elderly mum in Larbert, Stirlingshire.

But he has used a dating website, plentyoffish.com, to snare lovers in South Africa, Canada and back home in Scotland.

McNee's victims tell chillingly similar stories of how he quickly turns from a loving boyfriend into a snarling, money-grabbing, drunken control freak.

He told two lovers he was an expert in disposing of bodies, and bragged to another that he had been trained to kill in the SAS.

The women say McNee, 43, took over their lives and fleeced them out of thousands of pounds while cheating on them with other conquests he met online.

And some say that after they dumped him, they or their friends received chilling email threats from a stalker known as the Grim Reaper.

Every time he found a new victim, McNee would tell her about his previous lovers.

His five exes used the clues he left to get in touch with one another. And they all want to warn other women to steer clear of the rat.

One of McNee's ex-lovers, South African Ingrid Blignault, 40, wept as she told the Record: "I still get the shakes when I hear his name.

"I call him the psychotic parasite. He should not be allowed to continue to do this to women."

McNee met driving instructor Ingrid in 2003 while living in South Africa and quickly moved in with her in Johannesburg.

But within days, he made her get rid of all her electrical gadgets and buy his for s3600.

And in the weeks that followed, McNee's behaviour became bizarre and frightening.

She said: "He stopped my friends from visiting me. If they did, he would swear at me and call me a lesbian or a -jezebel- in front of my children.

"He would not let the children show me affection or even sit beside me. He would send them to their rooms, slam doors and swear at them."

Ingrid said McNee spent every night drinking. She added: "He would taunt me all night. The minute I fell asleep he would wake me and shout at me.

"I shook at work and couldn't function. He used to call me up to 40 times a day and ask where I was and who I was talking to."

The final straw for Ingrid came after another woman came to her and confessed she had been seeing McNee.

He begged Ingrid's forgiveness but she insisted he go to a psychiatrist. And she was horrified by the expert's findings.

Ingrid said: "The psychiatrist phoned and told me my children and I were in danger.

"I was urged to quickly get a restraining order and physical protection."

The doctor also told Ingrid in a letter: "Mr McNee was suffering from bipolar disturbance. He needs medication.

"If he's not treated, this may result in aggressive behaviour. He should remain under specialised psychiatric care."

Terrified, Ingrid ordered McNee to get out of her house and her life.

She told our reporter: "He moved out next day while I was at work and took my kids' baby photos and all my belongings.

"He then called me every half-hour to abuse me. He said he was going to get his friend in England to come and kill me.

"He also gave my ex-husband death threats because he had told me about the other woman and got her to call me."

Ingrid and her ex-husband Colin called police on McNee in October 2003. He was not charged, and later left South Africa.

Even with McNee gone, Ingrid's ordeal was not over. She began to receive terrifying emails from an address with the username Grim Reaper.

Her tormentor told her: "I will come after you with everything I can. You're an easy target Ingrid and you are also a tramp.

"You're nothing but a -jezebel- and white trash. You're a f*****g bitch and most know it.

"I have friends in South Africa you wouldn't like to meet. The average Dutchman would gladly deal with you in a car park. Don't f*** with the buffalo, you sick bitch."

Before leaving South Africa, McNee had lined up another victim - English expat Henriette O'Bryan. He met her online in July 2003.

McNee proposed to the widowed mumof-one within four days and gave her a s5000 ring he had bought for Ingrid.

Henriette and McNee then moved back to the UK, where they lived in London and Chelmsford, Essex.

"I was taken in by his lies," said secretary Henriette, 41, who finally split from McNee in February 2006.

"I felt sorry for him. He told me his ex was a bunny-boiler. I was in love with him so I booked him flights to get him to the UK."

Within a few months, McNee was showing his true colours.

Henriette said: "When I was working, he phoned me twice an hour. And if I was out with friends, he called every 10 minutes. At first it was nice because he told me he couldn't live without me, but it soon became frightening.

"If we had a fight, he would say he'd been a diver in the Army and knew how to hide bodies in the ocean. I was terrified of him."

McNee began disappearing at weekends and Henriette became suspicious. She looked on his computer and found "eight or nine files for different girls he was seeing".

"I read the emails and just went ice-cold," she recalled. "I broke down and sobbed.

"But when I quizzed him he blamed me, saying I didn't give him enough attention."

Henriette gave McNee another chance and he persuaded her to pay off s16,000 of his debts. He also got her to transfer s7000 of her savings to his account.

McNee then packed Henriette off to South Africa to visit her mum, then promptly dumped her by text. She said: "I cried my eyes out. I'd been taken for a fool. I spent my life savings on him."

Henriette sued McNee last year and he was ordered to repay her s47,000. But he has since declared himself bankrupt and she fears she will never see her money.

McNee's next victim was Canadian Sarah Wilson, a single mum with two kids. He met her on the internet in August 2005, while he was still with Henriette.

Sarah was living in England at the time. But after she wed McNee in 2006, they set up home in the Canadian capital, Ottawa.

"He never proposed," said Sarah, 41, who works with people with special needs. "He just said, 'Let's get married' and sent me to buy the ring. It cost me s280.

"He brainwashed me and isolated me from my friends and family, then pushed and pushed for us to move to Canada.

"Then as soon as we were married, he stopped being affectionate and began drinking a bottle of Jack Daniel's every night."

Sarah said McNee constantly told her he had been a sniper and knew how to dispose of bodies. Then she learned her husband was a love cheat.

Sarah said: "He went back to the UK for a holiday and I later found out he'd met a girl on the internet while he was there. He began seeing her as soon as he got back.

"I found out about his cheating when I found messages on his computer, and I dumped him.

"I wanted to kill myself after I was destroyed by that monster.

"He terrorised me. He robbed me, cheated on me and left me a broken woman.

"In hindsight, I realised he only wanted to marry me to get into Canada. And after we split, I found out he was still with Henriette when we got together."

While Sarah tried to rebuild her life, McNee moved on to another victim, Canadian Stephanie Moines, 40. He met her in October 2007, again on his favourite dating site.

McNee moved into Stephanie's home within weeks and was soon sponging off her. He spent her cash on lobster dinners, champagne, strip clubs and porn, and ran up a huge credit card bill.

"He's very charming at first," said government worker Stephanie.

"He writes you love poems and tells you that you're the woman of his dreams. But within days of moving in, he's taken over. " McNee told Stephanie tales about being a former SAS soldier who had been held hostage in the Middle East.

But he was also honest for once, admitting "major addictions" to booze, sex and spending money.

Stephanie stuck with McNee and he rewarded her by betraying her. She found hundreds of calls to other women logged on his computer.

She said: "He was cheating on me with at least four women and begging at least a dozen others to meet him for sex."

Stephanie told McNee it was over and he responded with a vicious hate campaign.

She said: "He began calling me 30 times a day. He told me he was determined to destroy me, both professionally and personally.

"He was never physically violent but he threatened to cut my throat. When we broke up after 10 months, it felt like 10 years.

"This man completely depletes all your resources. He is a parasite.

"But he's his own worst enemy, because he tells each girlfriend about the others which let us get in touch with each other."

McNee moved back to Scotland and found another woman to prey on, hairdresser Heather Cupples, 38. He dated the mum-of-two from West Lothian for nine months, starting in January this year.

Heather said: "He was very pushy and would obsessively phone and text me.

"I'd had enough of him after a few months.

"Then my dad passed away and I moved in with my mum and Grant was furious. He was living with me at the time on a temporary basis.

"He began sending me nasty texts demanding I spent time with him.

"He left me 30 angry and abusive voicemails on the day of my dad's funeral."

Heather learned from McNee's computer in September that he was seeing a string of other women behind her back.

She said: "I spoke to this woman in London to warn her about Grant and it turned out she had been up here staying with him while I was seeing him.

"I was gobsmacked. He was planning to move in with her in a matter of weeks."

Heather took her revenge on McNee by arranging to meet him in a pub and handing him dozens of emails he had sent to one of his other lovers, all wrapped in a pink ribbon. He stormed out.

In recent weeks, Heather's ex-husband Jimmy, who is still friendly with her, has begun receiving sinister emails from the "Grim Reaper".

One message said: "Why would you want to be with someone who cannot keep her knickers on? She is truly a horrible creature."

When the Record approached McNee to ask him to explain his treatment of women, he sneered: "You can't prove anything. Write what you like."

HAVE you fallen victim to McNee? Email us at reporters@dailyrecord.co.uk or call us on 0141 309 3251.

Dec. 18th, 2011

Occupy Psychopaths 1 (OWS vs. the Pathology of the 1%)

Check it out! Give it a like and post it to your favorite social network. As of 3:48pm est the view-counter froze @1,416, so obviously the info is pissing someone off.

Dec. 15th, 2011

What exactly IS a Psychopath? Part 1

The term psychopath may be common enough that we all have some idea of its definition. Instantly Hannibal Lector (portrayed by the immortal and supremely excellent Anthony Hopkins) springs to mind. However, while Dr Lector certainly qualifies, fact tends to deviate, if only slightly from fiction, and the term psychopath has a clinical definition which is certainly worthy of study.

Today, a psychopath is someone who is rated on the gold-standard of psychopathy tests, the Psychopathy Check-list, Revised or PCL-R. This was a test conjured by Dr Robert Hare who is the preeminent researcher in the field and author of several books and research papers on the subject. It's a checklist of twenty items, and for each item the subject gets a score of zero, one or two, if the item does not apply, applies somewhat or is heavily descriptive of the subject's behavior. Someone administering the test has to be trained and qualified just to administer it because it's not terribly easy to label someone a psychopath without having the background understanding of each item and what levels of depravity are required to receive a one or two for each item.

The traits are as follows:
Factor 1: Personality "Aggressive narcissism"

Glibness/superficial charm
Grandiose sense of self-worth
Pathological lying
Lack of remorse or guilt
Shallow affect (genuine emotion is short-lived and egocentric)
Callousness; lack of empathy
Failure to accept responsibility for own actions

Factor 2: Case history "Socially deviant lifestyle".

Need for stimulation/proneness to boredom
Parasitic lifestyle
Poor behavioral control
Lack of realistic long-term goals
Juvenile delinquency
Early behavior problems
Revocation of conditional release

Traits not correlated with either factor

Promiscuous sexual behavior
Many short-term marital relationships
Criminal versatility

I'd like to break each one down to give the reader an idea of what it means, the goal to make this as understandable as possible to the broadest possible audience.

Glib/superficial charm - Basically it means the individual is charming, they're great at conversations, convincing, but their appeal only goes skin deep. Once you understand that they're after something, you can realize that their charm is just a tool they use, one of many.

A grandiose sense of self worth - Here we get an idea that the individual values himself... a lot. They've done this, that and they have plans to do this other thing. If you ask about accomplishments you'll get a list days long. To say they have delusions of grandeur is an understatement.

Pathological Lying is pretty self-explanatory, while they may be charming and have a resume that impresses, none of what they say or claim about them self is true, often times it is just the opposite.

Cunning/manipulative - The individual is really good at getting people to do what he wants. He may have gotten a prison guard to sneak him favors, or convinced some naive kid to kill someone for him. He may have sold a bunch of toxic assets to a hedge fund and convinced them they were gold. This one really varies depending on the milieu the individual finds himself in.

Lack of remorse or guilt - self explanatory, the individual has no capacity for remorse or feelings of guilt (even though they are VERY capable of creating the impression of such if they think it will get them ahead).

Shallow affect - This basically means they have a very narrow range of real emotions, if any. All of their feelings revolve around themselves.

Callousness; lack of empathy - this is the big shocker when people realize the person they're dealing with isn't quite right. They have absolutely no concern for other people, whether its a lover, family or someone they just met. Humans naturally care for those with whom they are close, for psychopaths this is biologically impossible. Again, they are masters at maintaining an illusion of care if the person is able to get them something they desire.

Failure to accept responsibility - self-explanatory, none of their actions are ever their fault. If a psychopath murdered someone it was because the victim was 'asking for it' in their twisted little minds.

The above traits fit together, and the overall impression is that the psychopath is not only without conscience, but without empathy, without responsibility, and without the core pro-social behaviors that make us human. Does this sound like anyone you've known?

Part two will continue to describe the condition in terms of laying out the other factors in as simple terms as possible. Please feel free to post comments with your questions.

Dec. 13th, 2011

What I've Learned about Psychopathy: The Rabbit Hole Illuminated

Psychopathy isn't really a disease, you could call it a condition but that's still somehow implying there is something wrong with the person. The simple fact of the matter is that psychopaths aren't broken. They're just different; they have an in-born tendency to dominate, manipulate and psychically control people they interact with. This is the natural state of the psychopath and while normal humans can become like this due to trauma, most of them are born this way (Hare).

Charming, great conversationalists, charismatic leaders, extremely good with the opposite sex - psychopaths often present a visage of success and normalcy. They can be doctors, lawyers, senators, priests, bankers, CEOs - and thrive (Babiak). They are also conscienceless, devoid of any concept of guilt or remorse, biologically incapable of empathy as well as the normal range of human emotions (Hare). In its place they possess a thriving hunger which can be temporarily sated, for what I can best describe as human suffering.

Their sexual preferences generally differ from ours and when you read the tales of their exploits (Brown, Salter, Stout) you get an understanding that they derive pleasure from only the most perverse acts that one human can inflict upon another. Specifically I'm referring to torture, rape, physical and psychological abuse and while it's sterilized here in the context of a written note remember that they cannot restrain themselves and will commit these acts not only on women they date, coworkers and subordinates, but children as well.

Some of them find a position where they work with kids just so they have easy access to prey (Salter). The over abundance of scandal within the Catholic Church is no coincidence, and over time the continued protection offered by the institution to its pedophilic clergy demonstrates its core corruption. There is an interesting account of Ira Einhorn which demonstrates just how depraved these individuals are and what they are capable of. But keep in mind that while all psychopaths commit these acts, very few of them are caught and punished.

Unfortunately, it goes much deeper and I'm just illuminating the entrance of this particular Rabbit Hole. As I continue with this series my goal will be to demonstrate and share with you a very simple truth: Psychopaths rule our world. I consider this to be one of the 'hidden truths' of our collective reality, and until we acknowledge it we can do nothing to change it.


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